About Us


Our Vision

In five years, the greater Hopkins, South Carolina communities will experience a renaissance in providing public and private services to its residents through a web of well-defined organizations connected by a vision or responsiveness that will have as their standard of performance – excellence.

Our History

JBC Cares, Inc. is a South Carolina nonprofit corporation.  Having been incorporated on October 24, 2016, it has moved strategically to deliver an innovative and bold approach to community and economic, educational, health-conscience, social, safety and environmental development rubric.

Our Mission

JBC Cares, Inc. where excellence is never compromised, provides services and products that empower the residents of the greater Hopkins, South Carolina communities through a highly functioning network of organizations and people who are dedicated to significantly improving the lives of this generation and those to come leaving a rich legacy of excellence in meaningful service.

Next Steps…

We eagerly invite you to join in this creative community initiative.  We need working hands and strong feet to do the work that is waiting for our attention.

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